Our History

The Athlete Mentorship program is designed to build a foundation for young athletes striving to reach the Olympic level in their sport. The relationship between athlete and mentor will act as a partnership benefiting both participants. The athlete mentor can teach important principles with his/her experience in sport to help develop these youth athletes during their career.

The goal is to develop strong goals for youth athletes to achieve and to have the mentors teach the next generation of athletes who dream of pursuing professional sports.

Olympic sport can help a student with critical thinking, time management and more importantly has long-term health benefits. The Olympic Movement enriches the spirit of Olympism, enriching the will, body and mind. Through education and mentorship, the movement blends sport with culture to create a standard of friendship, solidarity and fair play. Our goal is to embody these Olympic standards to promote the Olympic Movement.

The BOA Stars program will help guide these developing athletes to college scholarships and specific and identified athletic goals. the program will provide access and insight from professional athletes, to gain useful information and help selected young athletes to pursue their established and stated goals.