The role of the Athletes Commission “AC” is to advise and make recommendations to the Bermuda Olympic Association “BOA” on all matters related to Bermudian Athletes. The AC is comprised of Bermudian Athletes that have represented our flag at the CAC, Pan Am, Commonwealth and/or the Olympic Games. The Athletes Commission represents the views and opinions of the athletes to ensure their voice is heard within the BOA and the Olympic Movement.

The objectives of the commission are to consider issues related to athletes and provide advice to the BOA Executive Board and National Sport Governing Bodies to promote the athletes rights; Engage actively with initiatives and projects that protect and support of athletes on and off the field of play; Represent the rights and interests of athletes and make related recommendations; Consult with athletes in the evaluation of the rules and regulations of their respective sport and subsequently provide feedback to the BOA Executive and General Assembly; and Maintain contact with the IOC Athletes’ Commission and Pan American Sport Organizations (PASO).

The BOA Stars Mentorship program aims to help promote athlete development and support athlete to succeed in both sporting and non-sporting careers.