Bermuda Athletes partners with the Bermuda Broadcast Company and the National Olympian’s Association to provide workouts to the public


In partnership with Bermuda Broadcast Company and the National Olympians Association, the Bermuda Athlete’s Commission is releasing stay at home workouts for the Bermuda public. The Athlete’s Commission has worked directly with our elite athletes to provide a short workout video to encourage the public to participate and stay active!

After the Olympic Games postponement was announced to July 2021, there have been many athletes forced to train in unusual places. Our national facilities have closed and travel is restricted worldwide. However it is important not to be discouraged, and our local athletes are here to share a message of hope for Bermudians. Staying indoors can be difficult, but through the creativity of each of us, we can still find ways to promote our wellbeing, mental health and stay active.

The Bermuda Athlete’s Commission stands in solidarity with all Bermudians through these unprecedented times. Our Athletes provide an example of how to stay strong and leverage physical activity using our current resources.

Flora Duffy, Olympic Triathlete, World Champion shares a message via Instagram “Has’t been the easiest by lucky to have my garage set up & garden to get my training done. Lots still to be thankful for in this tough time. Hope everyone is doing well & embracing the slower time at home. Especially thinking of everyone in Bermuda”

Rebecca Heyliger, Olympic Swimmer “recently made a home workout video to help Bermudians stay active during lockdown” which you can find on her Instagram. The workout is about 20 minutes long and it requires no equipment and can be done almost anywhere.

As the current lockdown in Bermuda continues, the Olympic dream still shines bright for our athletes. As athletes we must respond accordingly, listening to government officials for the safety of the public and keeping the hope of qualifying still alive. There will be a day when we will come out of this current crisis stronger, and we have to be prepared and ready to reach our goals and aspirations when we have an opportunity.

As COVID-19 continues to spread, we must live through the uncertainty with hope and solidarity and work together as a community to protect all Bermudians!

You can find these workouts on the Bermuda Broadcast Company and on our Bermuda Athletes social media channels.

We hope you enjoy the workouts, stay active and stand together, Bermuda!

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